Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and a new project

For the past few months I´ve been taking a more active approach to learning the ins and outs of business. And although there is a ton you can learn by reading, it is great to have a structured program to follow, with a real project and the support of proven mentors. That is why I enrolled in the Energia de Portugal bootcamp series (Run by a leading newspaper, the national energy company and a national bank). It felt great to know I made it to the selected 200 (we were 1723 at the beginning, so yeah, im happy). And now I have a new project, Apps Freely.

AppsFreely is a place where as a developer you can promote your smartphone apps and as a user, you can get credits for trying them out. These credits can then be redeemed for premium apps of your choice.
(Gonçalo, our app developer already made the website, I can´t take the credit for it)

They say the team is more important than the idea, and I got reasons to like mine. We have an experienced application developer, an IT management consultant, a digital entrepreneur and yours truly (full disclosure: I´ll be handling research, usability and design).

The program lasts 9 weeks (two gone by) and places the biggest focus on the teaching of actionable skills. It is not about “getting people excited about entrepreneurship” but more about “teaching the right tools to take off”. It places a big focus on understanding the market with plenty of mentions to “research”, “testing” and “iteration”. Now this is something I definitely want to get more of.

In the last session we worked with the Business Model Canvas to structure our approach and now it is time to hit the road. And we will need some input, so if you feel that you can help us pick a name, there is a place for that:

Google Forms App name selection
(sorry, the explanation is in Portuguese, but just remember what i said above)

Also, you can sign up for the beta, either as a developer or user, so waste no time:

So, let´s see where this goes! For now it has been great to meet new people, which as usual in these community, are damn optimistic, active and interesting!