Doctors as gatekeepers

Recently I´ve grown interested in the whole Quantified Self thing. It has many other names,  but the core meaning is clear: We, humans, are beginning to have better and better ways to measure ourselves. [1] This capability increases along 3 axes:

  1. Measuring ourselves is getting cheaper (e.g. measure your heart rate with a phone App)
  2. We can measure much more stuff (e.g. heart rate, physical activity or blood sugar levels were just the beginning, now we can get readings on hemoglobin saturation, ECG, HRV and PWTT all in 10 seconds, with a single device)
  3. We can measure our bodies with increasing precision at levels that used to be reserved for scientists, astronauts or doctors.

More on this later on. [2]

Traditionally speaking, doctors help people by identifying causes for problems and, based on their extensive (and expensive, but more on that later) knowledge, suggest strategies and treatments. While a lot of symptoms require nothing more than a visit to a doctor to be detected and/or identified, others need some more advanced diagnostic procedures and tools. But these are getting easier to get a hold of.

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Ignite LX and Livesketching

Last tuesday (this means may1st) I went to my first Ignite event (in Lisbon).I knew some friends were working on it and I offered to help because:

A – I love helping to set stuff up, stressing out and getting my hands dirty (It reminds me of my times at Natwerk. Which rocked)
B – It was hosted by some people I really wanted to meet.

The energy of the whole event was fantastic, filled with people that are jobless and yet not really feeling depressed about. I saw a lot of active people with potential and drive, and honestly, I couldn´t help but to think of the suckers (yes, i mean this) that let them slip under the radar and out of their previous jobs.

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Passion is the bridge

I think we can safely say that most of today´s big issues are being addressed by multi-disciplinary teams. This is not new or surprising, but still we often have trouble working with diverse teams. There is always the issue of pride, human emotion, different expectations out of a project, desire to make a point, etc. The range is as wide as human nature.

One of these issues is connectedness between participants. Assume that two branches of a company are brought together for a one-off project. It sometimes happens that people just do as they are told and virtually “execute collaboration”, working together only within the suggested guidelines. It´s a bit like small children that will entertain their parents´ instructions, but with a minimum of engagement and motivation. Things get done, but perhaps at a fraction of their potential. Not only this is a waste of everyone´s energy, but also, I suspect it eats away at one´s desire to participate in this sort of activities.

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